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Trainwave is accessible, exciting, and relevant. It is comprised of science-based information and activities used to support Olympians and World Champions, and it comes with coach and parent support material.


Currently there are two levels of Trainwave available that collectively consist of 10 learning modules and over 100 simple training activities:

Level 1: Learning better habits

Level 2: Training new perspectives

Trainwave is a series of user-friendly mental training workbooks for developing athletes. The program is designed to develop better people and better performers in line with Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

Our Services


Training programs and workshops are offered to support our clients in their efforts to create and work towards achieving their performance objectives. Coaching and leadership development, optimal team functioning, performance on demand, and everyday resilience are among the training topics covered in our programming. Specific and targeted training objectives are identified with our clients and effectively monitored. 


Using a strength-based approach, we facilitate individual, team, and organizational performance assessments to help our clients identify opportunities to leverage their strengths, uncover and manage performance barriers, and to mitigate relevant individual and systemic gaps. Testable perspectives and solutions are jointly created with clients through challenging, non-biased discussions and critical reflections.

Our group of co-founders use their expertise and passion for sport and performance psychology, as well as their experience supporting Canada's top athletes at multiple Olympic Games to develop and deliver captivating keynote experiences for clients in sport and business - including Own The Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee, SunLife Financial, and several National Sport Federations.

Better People.

Better Performers.

Our Values


Our objective is to uplift the discipline of sport and performance psychology by expanding its reach and increasing its impact in business and sport. Collaboration plays a central role in achieving our objective. We are always looking to partner with innovators to collaboratively develop and implement accessible, impactful, and science-based resources and services.


We have tremendous pride in the opportunity to help people achieve their high-performance goals. However, we understand that such an opportunity comes with great responsibility. As such, central to our efforts is the development and application of science-based knowledge. All of our services are firmly grounded in the theory and literature from psychology and high performance. 

All MarbleLabs consultants are proud members of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA). which provides a framework for ethical and responsible practices. We continually strive to uphold the value of integrity in all of the sport and performance psychology services we provide to our clients. As such, ethics, honesty, and respect are entrenched in our objectives.